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Hoback Knives

Jake Hoback of Hoback Knives is a hard-working guy who started making knives in the 90's by pounding on chunks of steel in his backyard. He began making and selling his knives professionally in 2003 and hasn't looked back.

Jake is known for his hard-use tactical folders built with the tightest tolerances from the finest materials. He has a varying array of custom models like the A10 and A15 with the latest midtech model hitting the streets known as the Kwaiback. 

HRD (Hoback Roller Detent) is quite possibly Jake's most innovative achievement in the folding cutlery industry. The HRD system uses a rolling ball bearing to do all that a standard detent does, but with substantially less drag. It greatly reduces wear, is replacable and allows the user to slightly adjust tension. It is built into the locking bar of the handle and creates smoother operation.

Jake developed the HRD System in 2012 and is now used by many makers across the industry.