DJ Urbanovsky (American Kami)

DJ Urbanovsky is a knife maker, owner and sole employee of American Kami established in 2004. A Kami is a Nepali Khukuri maker who builds knives from start to finish with the most basic of tools and ends up with a quality product. Kami knife makers inspired DJ to build quality blades that actually get used and will last. He believes in simple ideas brought to life with modern materials, equipment and hard work. DJ is the American Kami.

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American Kami Titanium Apocalyspork Stubby


American Kami Titanium Stubby Spork by DJ Urbanovsky know as the smaller "Apocalyspork" is flatware built for the apocalypse. DJ says...


American Kami Super Colubris FYC Black G10


American Kami Super Colubris/FYC by maker DJ Urbanovsky with black G10 handle scales and 3/16" thick S35VN stainless steel full tang ...


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