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Alan Folts Custom Mini Brutus Gladius 5160 G10 Short Sword

Manufacturer: Custom Knives

Model: CU-4092

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Alan Folts is most well known for his Custom Minimalist neck knives but has taken a different direction with his Brutus Gladius short sword. The design is based on the classic Roman Gladius but is made with 5160 tool steel that has been artistically finished with multiple coatings depicting the shield of the legionary and a Spartan style helmeted face on both sides of the razor sharp, double edged blade. The classic handle is made from modern black G10 with a smooth, battle-worn finish and Roman markings. This amazing custom piece is perfect for any collection.

Brand new directly from Alan Folts.

Blade: The double edge blade comes with dual, razor sharp hollow grinds that terminate in the iconic spear-like point. The blade sports a black and bronze coating with Spartan helmets and Roman shields in gold on both sides.

Handle: The handle is built on a through-tang construction from solid G10. The grooved black G10 has a battle worn finish and is adorned with with Roman markings in gold: dual Roman eagles on the guard, "IVI" on the pommel and the Latin phrases "Alea iacta est" and "Exitus acta probat".

Sheath: Includes a custom Dabney Leather sheath with steel rings for baldric carry. Also includes a locking aluminum attache case for transportation and storage.

5160 Carbon Tool Steel: 5160 Alloy Steel, also sold as AISI 5160, is a high carbon and chromium spring steel. It offers excellent toughness and high ductility. 5160 is commonly used in the automotive industry in heavy spring applications, especially for leaf springs. Chromium is added to increase hardening response and performs well in a wide range of hardnesses. It can be hardened up near the 60s for knives needing more edge holding.


Overall Length 21.13"
Blade Length 15.13"
Sharpened Length 15.07"
Blade Thickness 0.21"
Blade Material 5160
Blade Type Carbon
Handle Thickness 0.72"
Handle Material G10
Weight 22.4 oz.
Sheath Leather
Sheath Weight 8.80 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States