Audacious Concept Hex9 Desktop Tool Holder Orange Plywood

Model #: AC-PLY-HX9-ORG
Brand: Audacious Concept
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Made from high quality Birch plywood like the EDC organizer HexTray, the Hex9 desktop toolholder is an ideal option for smaller desks or other areas with limited space and is designed to hold a hex bit driver in the center surrounded by 9 bit holders. The bottom is engraved with the Audacious Concept Owl logo while the top sports three glow-in-the-dark dots for low light indexing. This version comes with raw edges and orange stained flats.

Brand new, direct from Audacious Concept, Finland.

Approximate Dimensions - 67 x 61 x 18 mm


Brand Audacious Concept
Length 2.65“
Width 2.40"
Thickness 0.72"
Material Birch Plywood
Weight 1.38 oz.
Country of Origin Finland