Benchmade Jungle Bolo Fixed Blade 153BK

Model #: BM-153BK
Brand: Benchmade
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The Benchmade 153BK Jungle Bolo is ready to chop through large brush and growth. The bolo style machete is commonly used in Southeastern Asia as a farming and agricultural tool. The bolo blade shape excels as a harvesting tool and it's distinctive bulge provides additional chopping power. The bolo machete also has a history as a weapon. During World War II the Philippine-American guerrilla forces were issued bolo machetes as ammunition was scarce.

The Blade: The Bolo Jungle is made from thick carbon steel with a black textured coating to prevent rust. The extra mass at the tip carries considerable weight for effective chopping

The handle: Orange Santoprene handle has a texture for additional grip and a comfortable rubbery feel that absorbs shock. An integrated guard keeps the hand out of harms way and increases safety. Lanyard tube at the end of the handle is ready to accept a retaining cord.

The Sheath: Stitched brown leather sheath has a split down one side and a leather retaining strap with snap. Sewn on belt loop allows the sheath to hang low for easy carry.


Overall Length 13.50"
Blade Length 9.00"
Sharpened Length 8.50"
Blade Thickness 0.195"
Blade Material 1095
Blade Type Carbon
Handle Thickness 0.890"
Handle Material Rubber
Weight 11.8 oz.
Sheath Material Leather
Sheath Weight 3.5 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States