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Benchmade Automatic Knives

Benchmade offers unparalleled speed and single-handed operation with their wide selection of automatic folding knives. Benchmade autos take full advantage of powerful springs coupled with precisely machined lock mechanisms, providing the most reliable automatic systems available in the industry. The AFO is widely used across all branches of the military and one of the most robust automatic on the market while the CLA family delivers a sleek and stylish every day carry auto. The Infidel family of Out The Front automatics deliver exceptional piercing power with their double-edge, dagger blades. Emergency service personal and medics will appreciate the Auto Triage line with automatic deploying blade and hook. Benchmade automatic knives make a great choice for EMS and other first responders who need fast access and one-hand operation. See the full line of Benchmade Automatic Knives below.