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Olamic Cutlery

Olamic Cutlery was founded in 2010 by Russian native Eugene Solomonik with the desire to provide the knife community with high quality fixed blades made of premium materials at affordable prices. Since that time, they have more than delivered on their commitment to the quality, functionality, and specialization of their blades.

Over the last few years, Olamic Cutlery has perfected the craft of hand-forging beautiful damascus. They utilize a proven four steel mix with an 01 base to compose thier High Carbon Vanadium Damascus. Each blade is not only hand-forged, but also hand shaped. This unique blend of steels to form the damscus offers superb edge retention.

The main focus at Olamic Cutlery lies centered around their hand-forged High Carbon Vanadium Damascus; however, they also utilize a variety of other high end steels and handle materials. Each knife is crafted in a small shop in Russia where four skilled craftsman come together to produce a single blade. Each craftsman specializes in a specific part of the process such as blade forging and shaping; heat-treatment and acid etching; final assembly and handle-work. This process insures that each knife receives the absolute best fit and finish. Current folder offerings are produced in the US, within a small shop overseen by ABS Mastersmith Michael Vagnino.

While many of their blades are made start to finish by hand, they consider many of their knives to be custom-tech. We will note the fully handmade knives as well as the custom-tech in our descriptions.