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ESEE Knives

Randall's Adventure and Training has been designing elite no-fail survival tools for law enforcement, military and outdoor enthusiasts alike since 1997. After parting ways with Ontario Knife Company in 2007, the RAT team decided to produce an even higher quality line of knives outside the mass production known as "mid-tech" blades. Thus ESEE was born to provide its customers with overall better fit 'n finish, attention to detail and proper sheathing.

When you buy an ESEE knife you know you're getting years of experience built into each blade. Each product is put through extensive rigorous field testing for function, durability and cutting comfort. ESEE is also known for one of the, if not the, best warranties in the industry..."if you break it, we will replace it". The warranty is Unlimited Lifetime and Transferable meaning no matter how many times your ESEE has been traded, sold or given away the warranty continues to exist. No proof of purchase necessary. ESEE Knives are real-world gear proudly made in the USA by real-world people.