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Hinderer XM-24 4"

The XM-18 & 24 is world renowned as one of the toughest tactical folders for any situation. Rick Hinderer wanted to design a no-nonsense tactical tool capable of delivering excellent performance from the simplest cutting tasks to high-speed low-drag operations. He delivered in the XM-18 & 24.

The XM-24 is the 4" model in the XM series line and is a fully capable hard use and tactical combat folder and with the 4" blade it is large enough to handle any folding knife cutting task. The oversize forward choil allows the user to choke up on the blade for added control in fine cutting. The full titanium frame lock with Hinderer Lock Bar Stabilizer and solid ΒΌ in diameter thumb stud delivers solid lockup and incredible strength. Available in a variety of blade shapes(Spanto, Wharncliffe, Slicer, Bowie, Harpoon & Skinner), premium materials and multiple finishes the XM Series is fully customizable with hardware and scales.