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Ka-Bar Knives

From the humble beginnings of the Tidioute Cutlery Company and the Union Razor Company, came the beginnings of Ka-Bar Knives Inc. Union Razor Company decided to relocate their factory to Olean, New York, in 1912. During this transition, their production was receiving mixed markings and the famous Kabar knives were introduced.

Following World War II, Union Cutlery Company submitted one of their Kabar knives to the US Marine Corps for consideration. The Marine Corps accepted a re-worked design and the Marines began issuing the Kabar as a standard issue knife. As the popularity of the Kabar knife grew, the Union Cutlery Company made the decision to change their company name to Ka-Bar Cutlery, Inc.

Today, the brand known as Kabar Knives Inc has distributed their infamous Kabar knives for use by the US Marine Corps, US Army, US Navy, Coast Guard and Underwater Demolition Teams. Kabar has always been driven to produce the best quality knife for our servicemen.

The most popular of the Kabar line, the USMC Utility/Fighting Knife has a high carbon 1095 tool steel blade and uses high grade leather washers for the handle. As the USMC Knife is the most popular Kabar has ever produced in their 100 plus year history, there are also many USMC Knives which commemorate various wars as well as POW/MIA and the Purple Heart. It is no wonder many servicemen and women turn to Kabar for a reliable knife during their service.