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Nano-Oil by StClaire utilizes active molecules called Nano-Bearings for reducing friction on the surface contact of metal on metal. In particular in knives, Nano-Oil will create noticeable smooth opening and closing after 5 drops. 2 on each side of the blade/washers front and back plus one on the locking mechanism.

Nano-Oil is currently used by SWAT Teams, Sherriff's Departments and Military abroad for an infinite number of applications. Extreme pressure (metal on metal), roller bearings, chains/sprockets, armaments and other high temperature applications just to name a few. 

There are 3 weights or versions available offering similar, but slightly different performance levels. Many users mix any of the 3 grades to obtain the viscosity of choice.

Nano-Oil by StClaire contains NONE of the Following:

-Silicone-PTFE Resins-Graphite-Moly-Teflon-Copper-Lead-Silver-No Metals or Harmful Solvents-