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Spectrum Energetics

Spectrum Energetics was founded in 2012 by owner and operator, Michael Mackin. With a little bit of help from friends and family, now part owners William Rees and Christopher Mackin, they opened their shop in 2013. Since then, Spectrum Energetics has been producing high quality waterjet cut items and also fulfilling company and personal orders for laser engraving, mill work, lathe work, welding and manual torch cutting. Located in Southeast Pennsylvania, their small machine shop produces high quality goods at affordable prices, including their EDC gear line. Their EDC line consists of items such as Man Cards and Crumb Dusters to bottle openers and carabiners all produced of high quality titanium or stainless with some receiving custom anodization. Check out the Spectrum Energetics Titanium gear for a one of a kind addition to your key chain, lanyard or gear pack.