Cold Steel FGX Nightshade Honey Comb Brush 92HC

Model: CS-92HC
Manufacturer: Cold Steel
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Utilizing their NOMET Technology the Cold Steel FGX Nightshade series are impervious to the elements. The dual polymer, Griv-Ex/Kray-Ex, construction means these "knives" will not rust, warp, crack or split in adverse conditions. Light enough to be carried or stored in a variety of places both indoors and out, the FGX Nightshade series has potential limited only by your imagination. This is the Honey Comb, a round brush with composite spike handle.

Brand new, direct from Cold Steel.


Overall Length 8.25"
Width 2.07"
Thickness 0.79"
Material Polymer
Weight 2.20 oz.
Country of Manufacture Taiwan