Cold Steel Hudson Bay Tomahawk 90QA

Model #: CS-90QA
Brand: Cold Steel
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Most tomahawk designs available today can trace their roots back to the Hudson Bay Axe used for hundreds of years by people living in the wilderness of North East Canada. Cold Steel has taken this classic pattern and redesigned it as a lightweight tomahawk. A 1.1 pound head of drop forged, differentially heat treated 1055 carbon steel pairs with a straight grain American Hickory handle making this a versatile tool for the woods, a formidable defensive option and an enjoyable thrower.

Brand new, direct from Cold Steel.

Head: The near inch thick head is made from durable, differentially treated, drop forged 1055 carbon steel with a fast profile that makes for efficient chopping for light woods tasks and deep penetration when throwing. The handle runs through the top of the eye in the traditional fashion for a secure fit and good resistance to vibration. The flat hammer pole can also be used for driving stakes, nails or wedges as well as pounding and crushing as the need requires.

Handle: Made from genuine American Hickory the handle is straight with a taper toward this far end for smooth release when throwing. Straight grain American Hickory is tough enough to handle some heavy use and easy to replace when the time comes. Includes a simple, rubber edge cover.

1055 High Carbon Steel: Simple, relatively low-carbon steel used in large, heavy-duty knives, throwing knives or chopping tools such as axes when toughness is the highest priority.


Brand Cold Steel
Overall Length 22.00"
Head Length 6.13"
Head Steel 1055
Blade Type Carbon
Handle Material Wood
Weight 24.60 oz.
Country of Origin Taiwan