Cold Steel Mini Pal Dagger Serrated Edge 43NSK

Model: CS-43NSK
Manufacturer: Cold Steel
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The Cold Steel Mini Pal Dagger features a full tang of AUS 8A stainless steel with serrated edge perfect for everyday tasks or backup. Kray-Ex has been molded over the 'T' handle and slightly textured offering a rubberized feel. When combined with the handle shape of the push dagger, several options are available for a completely secure grip while also allowing for the user to open their hand and still maintain control of the knife. The Mini Pal is lightweight allowing for neck carry or attachment to key ring and is versatile enough to complete everyday tasks or act as a last ditch self-defense tool. Right at home in your pocket or purse. Includes a Secure-Ex sheath with key ring attachment/lanyard clip. Brand new directly from Cold Steel.


Overall Length 2.62"
Blade Length 1.00"
Blade Thickness 0.078"
Blade Material AUS-8A
Blade Type Stainless
Handle Material Rubber
Weight 0.50 oz.
Sheath Secure-Ex
Sheath Weight 0.20 oz.
Country of Manufacture Japan