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CRKT Pack Axe Roush Design 2748

Manufacturer: CRKT

Model: CRKT-2748

Retail: $89.99


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Designed by Elmar Roush the Pack Axe is a well though out design that is distilled in the simplicity of the name. The Pack Axe is just that, a compact and packable axe perfect for long outings or overnight trips into the woods and wilderness. Carbon steel head and Hickory handle are classic elements of this chopping tool and historically proven to work exceptionally well. Part of the Forged By War series, which employs combat veterans as designers, 10% of the CRKT net profits are donated to the veterans' charity of choice.

The Head: Made from hot forged 1060 High Carbon Tool Steel the Pack Axe head has a hammer pole for knocking in the wooden pegs just carved using the 3" cutting edge. This compact axe delivers a great mix of power and finesse making it an invaluable woods tool.

The Handle: The Pack Axe has a Tennessee Hickory Handle that is well finished, tough and ergonomic in the hand. The compact size makes this axe easy to carry while still providing plenty of leverage for splitting kindling or limbing small dead fall.


Overall Length 11.1"
Head Length 2.93"
Head Thickness 0.84"
Head Steel 1060
Handle Material Wood
Weight 19.2 oz.
Country of Manufacture El Salvador