Exotac ripSPOOL Olive Drab Field Repair Kit 012000-OD

Model: EX-012000-OD
Manufacturer: Exotac
Retail: $29.95
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The Exotac ripSPOOL is a collaborative design between Battlbox founder Daniel Dabbs and Rob at Exotac. Starting out as an easy way to carry duct tape, the ripSPOOL evolved into a unique, useful, comprehensive and uncompromising field repair kit. This is a lightweight field repair kit that can also be used for multiple survival and bushcraft tasks including: first aid, fire starting, fishing and navigation. The needle storage area offers enough additional space to customize the ripSPOOL by adding small emergency fishing gear and safety pins. The #16 sail needle can be magnetized to be used as an improvised compass. This version has an Olive Drab Green anodized aluminum body.

Brand new, direct from Exotac. Made in the USA.


  • 60ft of 30lb Test Braided Line
  • 50in of Heavy Duty Repair Tape
  • #16 Sail Needle
  • Attached 550 Firecord Lanyard 


Overall Length 3.01"
Width 0.98"
Material Aluminum
Weight 1.80 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States