Exotac tinderTIN Fatwood Splinters in Metal Tin 1540-SPL

Model: EX-1540-SPL
Manufacturer: Exotac
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The Exotac tinderTIN is a waterproof survival tin filled with fatwood splinters. The splinters are collected from pine tree stumps which contain a large amount of resin making them easy to light with an open flame or ferrocium fire starter and shavings. They burn hot and are wind and moisture tolerant. The shavings repurposed scraps from the lumber industry and are 100% natural. This is a must-have for your gear as it's lightweight and conveniently packaged making carrying dry, easy-to-light tinder with you a breeze.


Overall Length 3.20"
Width 3.20"
Thickness 0.90"
Material Fatwood Pine Tree Splinters
Weight 2.50 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States