Fisher Space Pen Red Line Firefighter Cap-O-Matic Click Pen M4BFFR

Manufacturer: Fisher Space Pen
Retail: $25.00
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The Cap-O-Matic is a standard size, budget friendly Fisher pen with classic "Cap-O-Matic" click cap for smooth operation. Thanks to the Space Pen cartridge it can also write any time, anywhere...even underwater!

Includes a Black Ink Medium Point PR4 cartridge and Black Shuttle Gift Box.

Brand new, direct from Fisher Space Pen, USA.

M4BFFR: Fisher Space Pen is proud to bring to you the first pen that embodies everything tough, demanding, and durable that our firefighters stand for with the non-reflective matte black Cap-O-Matic with the Firefighter Red Line printed down the face of the clip and the barrel of the pen. To show its support, Fisher Space Pen will donate a portion of the proceeds from this pen to help injured firefighters and their families.


Overall Length 5.19"
Thickness 0.39"
Material Brass
Weight 0.70 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States