FourSevens Preon P2 MKIII Satin Nickel AAA LED Flashlight P2-SEN

Model #: FS-PREON-P2-SEN
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The Preon P2 MKIII from FourSevens by Prometheus Lights is a sleek, simple and functional every day carry flashlight. With multiple modes and a lightweight construction the P2 has the same functionality as the P1 but with an increased maximum output of 210 lumens in a 2 x AAA platform. This version is Satin Electroless Nickel coated aluminum and carries via a robust stainless steel pocket clip.

Brand new direct from FourSevens.

Operation: Easy access tail cap switch clicks on/off with momentary on via half press. There are six Configurations that are user programmable allowing you to customize your UI for simplicity or complexity as the situation demands. The new Burst Mode was adopted from the flagship Prometheus Alpha Flashlights. It allows direct access to maximum output at any time by cycling off/on twice, very fast. This gives you maximum output when you need it but conserves battery life, utilizing the standard high mode for normal use.

Body: Made from solid 6061-T6 aluminum with Satin Electroless Nickel coating the Preon P2 MK III is tough while maintaining a very light weight and a pen-like profile for ease of carry. The dual, anti-reflective coated Optical-grade glass lens is paired with the Nichia 219c LED to provides enhanced directional illumination and clean, even, 5000K / 90+CRI output. Carries via an improved stainless steel pocket clip for lens down carry.

*NOTE: Alkaline battery damage is the #1 cause of failed lights through corrosive destruction. Alkaline battery damage IS NOT covered under warranty.

Output and Runtimes:

  • Max: 210 Lumens - 1 hours
  • High: 125 Lumens - 1.1 hours
  • Mid: 30 Lumens - 5 hours
  • Low: 1 Lumens - 90 hours
  • SOS
  • Strobe (20Hz)
  • Beacon

Configurable User Interfaces:

  • Config. 1: High + Burst
  • Config. 2: Max - Strobe
  • Config. 3: Medium - High + Burst
  • Config. 4: Low - Med - High + Burst
  • Config. 5: High - Med - Low + Burst
  • Config. 6: Low - Med - High - Strobe - SOS - Beacon + Burst


  • Clip, Spare O-Rings, 2 x AAA NiMh Rechargeable Battery and Instructions


Length 5.10“
Bezel Diameter 0.57“
Body Material Aluminum
LED Nichia 219C
Max Output 210 lumens
Beam Distance 180 feet
Impact Resistance 1 meters
Weight 1.60 oz.
Country of Origin China