Gerber 23.5" Axe FiberComp Handle 31-002651

Model #: GB-31-002651
Brand: Gerber
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The Gerber 23.5" Axe delivers a well balanced, lightweight and durable two handed axe that you can depend on whether it be on the job site, in the forest or just in the back yard. Like all Gerber Axes the 23.5" Axe has a lightweight, shock absorbing FiberComp handle and features a 3D over mold for a tactile feel and enhanced traction . The handle provides excellent balance and efficiency with a hefty, forged steel head ideal for felling, delimbing, splitting and brush clearing.

Brand new, direct from Gerber.

Head: A simple, full tang, forged steel head offers durability and performance in an easy to maintain platform. The black PTFE (Teflon) coating helps to reduce friction enhancing chopping performance. The wide grind enhances durability, chopping and splitting performance. The head geometry give greater depth to your cuts increasing efficiency, reducing strain and fatigue during prolonged use. The exposed hammer pole delivers added utility for driving stakes.

Handles: The FiberComp glass-filled nylon polymer handle absorbs shock, reducing fatigue during long use and is outfitted with a 3D Grip that enhances traction while still being maneuverable in the hand. The hollow handle construction reduces the overall weight for carry while offering a balanced package that makes short work of your chopping tasks. The longer handle give added power and leverage while still being compact enough to carry without getting caught up in heavy brush.

Carries via an innovative, slimline polymer sheath.


Brand Gerber
Overall Length 23.60"
Head Length 3.50"
Head Steel Stainless Steel
Blade Type Carbon
Handle Material Polymer
Sheath Material Polymer
Weight 53.30 oz.
Country of Origin Finland