GLO-TOOB AAA Series Light Source Green LED

Model #: GLT-01093
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The GLO-TOOB is a reusable light with many uses ranging from sports, camping or even military use. It's the perfect light source to make you or an object visible in low light conditions. Great for camping, scuba diving, cycling, running, sky diving or just about any sporting activity. Increases safety when you need to be seen or want to keep track of objects at night. Its compact design allows you to easily carry it in your pocket, on your belt, or in a glove compartment.

Virtually indestructible construction can be dropped, stepped on or even driven over and still keep on working. Not much bigger than a lip balm, the cylindrical tube has a split ring at one end to attach to keys. Also included is an optional lanyard. O-ring sesled end cap keeps the light waterproof when submersed up to 200 feet.

Simple three mode operation, just twist the end cap tight to turn on the light, unscrew and then tighten to change modes from constant 100% bright, constant 25% bright and continuous flash. One Alkaline AAA battery included.


Length 3.00“
Body Diameter 0.74“
Body Material Polymer
Weight 1.25 oz.
Country of Origin China