Hinderer Knives Pocket Clip Filler Tab Titanium

Model: HK-0283
Manufacturer: Hinderer Knives
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Dress up your favorite Hinderer knife with these filler tabs. This fills in the gap left by an unused pocket clip slot and installs with a simple philips screw. Made from solid titanium, these are a great way to snazz up your knife.

This filler tab fits all XM models (XM-18 and XM-24) as well as the Eklipse and MP-1.

Note: When working with softer metals it is important not to overtighten the screw as you will strip out the threads. We recommend a single drop of thread locker and putting them in until they are just barely snug.


Overall Length 0.70"
Width 0.250"
Thickness 0.05"
Material Titanium
Country of Manufacture United States