Hinderer Gear Clip Working Finish Titanium Pocket Clip 0917

Model: HK-0917
Manufacturer: Hinderer Knives
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A perfect, fidget-friendly accessory for your Hinderer Knife is the Gear Clip with three fully functional gears mounted to the front of the classic, Working Finish titanium pocket clip. Made from copper and brass, two smaller gears flank a larger gear contrasting with the satin finished titanium hardware to deliver a visually appealing look. The clip end is laser engraved with the Hinderer Logo. This clip will fit all XM-, Eklipse and MP-1 models. Additional screws are not included. Gears will vary from clip to clip - Contact us for a specific configuration

Brand new, direct from Hinderer Knives, USA.

Note: Softer metals should not be over tightened to prevent striping the screw threads. Use one drop of thread locker and hand snug tighten for a secure fit.


Overall Length 2.55"
Width 0.45"
Thickness 0.17"
Material Titanium, Copper, Bronze
Weight 0.20 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States