Hinderer Holey Pocket Clip Titanium Tumbled

Model: HK-0275
Manufacturer: Hinderer Knives
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These Holey Clips from Hinderer are made from precision machined and tumbled titanium. They feature four laser cut holes and fit all XM models along with the Eklipse and MP-1. Installation is a breeze, just unscrew your old clip and screw on the new hotness. As usual, all Hinderer titanium parts are made from quality US sourced titanium.

Note: When working with softer metals it is important not to overtighten the screw as you will strip out the threads. We recommend a single drop of thread locker and putting them in until they are just barely snug.


Overall Length 2.55"
Width 0.45"
Thickness 0.05"
Material Titanium
Weight 0.10 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States