Hults Bruk Akka Forester's Axe Premium Swedish Axe

Model #: HB-407724
Brand: Hults Bruk
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The Hults Akka Forester's Axe falls into the size category of a boy's axe or camp axe, smaller than a dedicated felling or splitting axe and larger than a hatchet. Often used by the US Forest Service and Wildland Firefighters, this size axe is versatile and capable of handling everything from firewood processing to felling mid-sized trees. A fast 1.5 pound, hand-forged, Swedish steel head with polished edge and 24" linseed treated, curved hickory handle make this heirloom quality axe easy fast, efficient and a pleasure to use for overnight wilderness trips and trail clearing while being compact and relatively lightweight to carry. A neck notch and knife straight edge lend the Akka to carving tasks as well.

As part of their Premium line of axes, this axe is painstakingly hand finished bringing out the natural beauty and performance of the materials.

Includes traditional protective leather sheath.

Brand new, direct from Hults Bruk, Sweden.


Brand Hults Bruk
Overall Length 23.56"
Head Length 6.88"
Head Thickness 0.94"
Head Steel Swedish Steel
Blade Type Carbon
Handle Material Wood
Sheath Material Leather
Weight 34.80 oz.
Country of Origin Sweden