John Gray Lobo Persian Saber Prototype AEB-L Fixed Blade

Model: CU-3381
Manufacturer: Custom Knives
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The Lobo Persian Saber Prototype from John Gray is a custom made fixed blade ring knife with wicked written all over it. The blade is an upswept "Persian" style with a robust saber grind and beefy, nearly-full-length, hollow ground swedge. The "Dark Rain" acid wash finish gives this knife a very post-apocalyptic feel. The pommel ring enhances security in the hand. This is a compact, multi-use cutting tool you can count on. 

Brand new, directly from John Gray. 

The Blade: A full tang construction offers simplicity and strength. The blade is made from AEB-L, an excellent blade steel originally developed for use in razor blades, that has gotten a full "Dark Rain" acid wash finish. The saber ground blade offers enhanced strength with a nearly zero ground cutting edge for optimal cutting performance. A hollow ground swedge runs from the handle to the beginning of the saber grind, reducing weight without sacrificing strength at the tip. 

The Handle:features a simple but effective nylon cord warp that provides a secure grip while keeping the thickness at just slightly more than the blade stock. The ring pommel delivers exceptional security in both forward and reverse grips and has a wedge shaped protrusion that allows for indexing as well as doubling as an impact device. 

Includes a lined, molded Kydex sheath with multiple eyelets for carry options.

AEB-L: was originally developed for razor blades and is formulated with just enough carbon for the steel to get very hard but not make any chromium carbides. This gives it an extremely fine grain and makes it easy to sharpen, with good edge holding and excellent edge stability. Some users describe it as a stainless 52100.


Overall Length 7.47"
Blade Length 3.62"
Sharpened Length 3.47"
Blade Thickness 0.187"
Blade Material AEB-L
Blade Type Stainless
Handle Thickness 0.40"
Handle Material Cord Wrap
Weight 4.20 oz.
Sheath Material Kydex
Sheath Weight 1.00 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States