Kabar Becker Zytel Handle Kit for Full-Size Becker Knives - 4 Pack

Brand: Kabar
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Personalize your full sized Kabar Becker knives with this 4-Pack Handle Kit! The Kabar Becker Handle Kit includes four colored zytel handle scales that can be attached to your Kabar Becker with standard factory hardware. Choose from blue, green, red and hot pink dependent on your mood or share with friends to differentiate your fave camp knives. Designed to fit the Kabar Becker Knife and Tool full-sized knives, such as the BK2, BK3, BK7 and BK9. Includes 1 additional set of handle hardware. Brand new direct from Kabar Knives.


Brand Kabar
Material Zytel
Weight 1.85 oz.
Condition New
Country of Origin United States