KAI Pro Series Cleaver 7" Black POM Handles HT7067

Model: KS-HT7067
Manufacturer: Kershaw
Retail: $73.00
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 The KAI Pro Series is a great intermediate line of kitchen cutlery that is a step above the entry-level stuff you might already own while still being a reasonably priced option. Sometimes you need to bring a heavy hitter to the cutting board, and the Pro Series 7" Cleaver is that heavy hitter. Made from tough 4116 steel, the Pro Cleaver can smack through joints and bones with no problem. A durable polymer handle keeps dents and dings at bay.



Overall Length 12.75"
Blade Length 7.0"
Sharpened Length 7.0"
Blade Material 4116
Blade Type Stainless
Handle Thickness 0.76"
Handle Material Polymer
Weight 18.37 oz.
Country of Manufacture China