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Knife Pivot Lube KPL Heavy Knife Oil 10ml Bottle

Manufacturer: Knife Pivot Lube


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KPL Heavy is a higher viscosity version of the Original KPL. This highly thixotropic/shear thinning formula is specially designed for knife detents and detent tracks. Ordinarily gel-like, each time your lock mechanism clicks into place, the shock refluidizes KPL Heavy allowing it to refresh the lubrication of your detent ball. When just sitting the KPL heavy regains its higher viscosity so it stays put near the detent. KPL Heavy helps to eliminate rough detents and reduces need for reapplication while delivering a silky smooth operation.

10 ml bottle with stainless blunt Needle Applicator and child-proof cap.


Weight 0.55 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States