Lansky Medium Alumina-Oxide Sharpening Hone

Model: LN-S0280
Manufacturer: Lansky
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Lansky Medium Sharpening Hone for use with any Lansky Sharpening System. Unique color coded, finger grooved, hone holder is designed for comfortable and slip resistant use. Used for keeping a fine sharp edge. The Medium Hone works best in conjunction with coarse hone and fine grit hone. The medium hone is included in every Sharpening System excluding the the Diamond and Arkansas series. The medium grit is ideal for smoothing out deep scratches from hard blade use or from an extra-coarse/coarse abrasive hone.


Overall Length 5.25"
Width 0.81"
Thickness 0.625"
Grit 280
Grit Type Ceramic
Weight 2.80 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States