Lansky Universal Knife Sharpening System LKUNV

Manufacturer: Lansky
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Lansky Universal LKUNV Knife Sharpening System is simple and easy to use. Sharpens all sporting, hobby and household knives even serrated. Patented Lansky System with innovative metal rod sharpening guides allows the user to put on four angle choices of 17, 20, 25, and 30 degrees.

  • Knife Clamp with Angle Selector
  • Extra long knife clamp screws
  • Fine Sharpening Hone(600 Grit)
  • Medium Sharpening Hone(280 Grit)
  • Coarse Sharpening Hone(120 Grit)
  • Medium Triangle Serrated Sharpening Hone
  • 4 Guide Rods
  • Specially Formulated Honing Oil
  • Custom Molded Storage/Travel Case
  • Instructions


Overall Length 8.50"
Width 4.25"
Thickness 1.500"
Grit Fine, Medium, Coarse, and Medium Serrated
Grit Type Stone
Weight 21.4 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States