LionSteel M4 Walnut Wood M390 Steel

Model: LS-M4-WN
Manufacturer: Lion Steel Knives
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The M4 from LionSteel is a well rounded fixed blade which suits itself well to everything from outdoors chores to general everyday carry. This knife has an extremely ergonomic handle and 3D machined handle scales. Built for performance this version has an M390 blade and walnut wood handle. Comes brand new in the box directly from LionSteel.

The Blade: The LionSteel M4 has a full flat ground spear point blade with a crowned spine made from M390 steel. M390 is highly regarded for its edge retention abilities making this knife a prime candidate for daily carry. Its surface has a satin finish and the edge is razor sharp out of the box.

The Handle: If there is a more comfortable handle on a fixed blade we haven't discovered it yet. The M4 has well contoured 3D machined walnut wood handle scales attached via torx screws for easy cleaning and maintenence. A single lanyard hole is drilled thru the rear of the handle for users wishing to add their own personal touch.

The Sheath: The sheath is made from high quality leather with well spaced stitching and a belt snap for security. The entire sheath is made in Italy and has a belt loop as the single carry option.

About M390: Bohler M390 has become an extremely popular choice for high-end user grade knives thanks to its extreme edge retention. M390 also has a good corrosion resistance, meaning most users can avoid problems by simply wiping off their blade after each use. Another great feature of this steel is its ability to resist burr formation during sharpening. Comparable steels are CTS-204P and Duratech 20CV.


Overall Length 8.04"
Blade Length 3.62"
Sharpened Length 3.50"
Blade Thickness 0.160"
Blade Material M390
Blade Type Stainless
Handle Thickness 0.820"
Handle Material Wood
Weight 4.80 oz.
Sheath Leather
Sheath Weight 2.00 oz.
Country of Manufacture Italy