Maratac CountyComm Norton's U.C.S. Universal Cleaning Stick Straight Brown Resin

Model: MAR-MAR085
Manufacturer: Maratac
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Norton's Universal Cleaning Stick or U.C.S. is a simple and ingenious tool that facilitates the disassembly and cleaning of modern weapon systems. Consisting of a simple straight stick with sharp tapered edges, the U.C.S. get into the tight spaces where build up lurks and scrapes it clean. Add a cleaning patch to the end and the U.C.S. is ready for action. This version comes in smooth military brown poly resin for resistance to debris and corrosion and optimal flexibility.

Brand new, direct from CountyComm, USA.


Overall Length 4.36"
Width 0.37"
Thickness 0.08"
Material Poly Resin
Weight 0.07 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States