Maratac Reylight Brass Pineapple AA/14500 Neutral White LED Flashlight + Charger Combo

Model: MAR-MAR092
Manufacturer: Maratac
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Direct from ComuntyComm/Maratac the Reylight Brass Pineapple is a handsome neutral white LED flashlight with a wonderful feel in the hand, simple tail click switch operation and a compact form factor well suited to daily carry and use. Powered by a single AA or the included 14500 rechargeable battery, the Brass Pineapple is versatile and easy to use, delivering up to 470 lumens of output with an ultra low moonlight option that lasts for days, literally. Includes intelligent USB battery charger and 14500 rechargeable battery.

Brand new, direct from ComuntyComm/Maratac.


  • Solid Brass Body
  • Nichia 219C 4000K High CRI LED
  • Polished aluminum alloy Orange Peel reflector
  • AR (anti-reflective) coated lens
  • Installed stainless steel clip
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Low voltage protection for Li-ion battery
  • Thermal regulation protection
  • Recessed clicky switch with tail-stand capability

Operation: Click on/off, tap to cycle modes. Defaults to moonlight. 8 taps cycle the memory function, remembering the last used mode.


Output AA:

  • 130 lumens - 1.1 hrs
  • 30 lumens - 5 hrs
  • 3.2 lumens - 70 hr
  • 0.2 lumens - 30 days

Output 14500:

  • 470 lumens - 58 min
  • 90 lumens - 2.5 hrs
  • 8.5 lumens - 31 hr
  • 0.2 lumens - 20 days

Warning: Don't use this cell in any other AAA or Maratac flashlight that you own as it will void your warranty, and destroy the light.


Bulb Type Nichia 219C High CRI
Max Output 470 lumens
High Output 90 lumens
Medium Output 8.5 lumens
Low Output 0.2 lumens
Max Runtime 480 hours
Min Runtime 0.97 hours
Body Material Brass
Overall Length 3.80"
Bezel Diameter 21.6 mm
Body Diameter 16.5 mm
Weight 3.99 oz.
Country of Manufacture China