Microtech Tool Kit Satin Stainless Steel Bit Driver Set 98-4MK

Model #: MT-98-4MK
Brand: Microtech Knives
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Microtech Knives has always set the standard for high-end American cutlery - from handles and blades down to their proprietary hardware. All Microtech screws are proprietary and high demand for end-user bits has driven Microtech to produce their new Tool Kit. Perfect for users who want to clean and maintain their Microtech knives themselves, the 303 stainless steel driver and 8 interchangeable bits span various Microtech knife models and years. This version comes with a fine satin finish.

Brand new, direct from Microtech Knives, USA.

Proprietary Bits Included: Ultratechs (older and newer models), UTX-85s, UTX-70s (older and newer models), Troodons, Combat Troodons, Diracs, Dirac Deltas, LUDTs, and Sigils. Glass breaker bits for Ultratechs, Combat Troodons, and Dirac Deltas. The bits are sold only as a set and not individually.

Notes: Replacement external knife parts may be purchased from Microtech based on availability. Internal parts replacements must be performed by Microtech.

Some force is required to break Red Loctite used on all screw holes and the aluminum handle chassis can be stripped if care is not used. This requires a handle replacement that is not under warranty. Caution is advised in all disassembly endeavors. Customers who are not confident are recommended to send the knife to Microtech for any issues they may be having.


Brand Microtech Knives
Length 3.31“
Thickness 0.62"
Material Stainless Steel
Weight 3.50 oz.
Condition New
Country of Origin United States