Nano-Oil by St. Claire NanoBottle 10 Weight Light NanoLube .5oz (15cc) Bottle

Model #: NO-010-BOTTLE
Brand: Nano-Oil
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Nano-Oil by St. Claire is a Made in the USA Armament Lubrication for the New Millennium. This 10 weight CLP is mid-range of the lineup and is often chosen as the "favorite" among knife enthusiasts. The NanoBottle includes a screw on, stainless steel needle tip applicator that allows the oil to be applied in a drop, puddle or line with a squeeze of the bottle. Includes screw on cap and applicator cover. 0.5 fl. oz (14.79 cubic centimeters) volume.

It is said to evaporate less quickly than the 5 weight and is suitable for all Guns, Rifles, Flashlight Threads and of course Knives. 

This high concentration lubricant features the active ingredient Nano-Bearings that will stay in place after unfreezing rusted parts and components treated. 

Nano-Oil's metal to metal anti-friction lubrication is specially formulated for deep and fast penetration. It adheres to Sub-Microscopic metal crevices providing an extremely low-friction dynamic contact.


Brand Nano-Oil
Weight 0.90 oz.
Condition New
Country of Origin United States