Nano-Oil by St. Claire NanoBottle 85 Weight Heavy NanoLube .5oz (15cc) Bottle

Model #: NO-085-BOTTLE
Brand: Nano-Oil
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Nano-Oil by St. Claire is a Made in the USA Armament Lubrication for the New Millennium. This 85 weight CLP is heaviest of the lineup and is catching on with many custom knife makers and enthusiasts. The NanoBottle includes a screw on, stainless steel needle tip applicator that allows the oil to be applied in a drop, puddle or line with a squeeze of the bottle. Includes screw on cap and applicator cover. 0.5 fl. oz (14.79 cubic centimeters) volume.

Developed for the M14 and Rapid Firearms, many are finding their knives have never been smoother than when using the 85 weight Nano Oil.

This high concentration lubricant features the active ingredient Nano-Bearings that will stay in place after unfreezing rusted parts and components treated. 

Nano-Oil's metal to metal anti-friction lubrication is specially formulated for deep and fast penetration. It adheres to Sub-Microscopic metal crevices providing an extremely low-friction dynamic contact.


Brand Nano-Oil
Weight 0.90 oz.
Country of Origin United States