Norton Waterstone Combination 220/1000 Grit Benchstone

Model: NT-335
Manufacturer: Norton
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Norton Waterstones will bring a sharp edge and a mirror finish to your tools and knives. They're ideal for sharpening axes, hatchets, chisels, knives, scissors or pretty much anything with a cutting edge. These use water as a lubricant and flushing agent which makes them easier to clean than oilstones plus it won't leave an oil residue. 

This one is 8" x 3" x 1" in size with combination dual grits 220 (for major edge repair) and 1000 (for establishing an edge). It ships in a durable blue plastic mini sharpening station with user's guide. 


Grit Type Stone
Grit Medium, Fine
Overall Length 8.00"
Width 3.00"
Thickness 1.00"
Weight 28.20 oz.