Hiroaki Ohta Knives OFF FK5 Maple Wood Friction Folder 3994

Model: CU-3994
Manufacturer: Custom Knives
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The OFF FK5 mini Friction Folder from Ohta Knives features true Japanese craftsmanship with some of the finest materials on the planet. Mr. Hiroaki Ohta combines pleasing aesthetics with proper functionality in a way seldom found in the realm of friction folding knives. This version comes with a satin finished D2 tool steel blade and Maple wood handle.

Brand new, direct from Hiroaki Ohta.

Blade: You get every day functionality from this two-toned, reverse Tanto profile with strikingly beautiful satin finished hollow grinds contrasted by the raw, forge scale black on the flats and tang. The blade is crafted from D2 tool steel for a dependable razor-like cutting edge that holds with use. The blade tang extends about 3/4 of an inch out of the handle when closed and facilitates one-hand operation. Simply pull the lever toward the back of the handle to open. Once open, apply pressure with your thumb on the spine to hold the blade in the open position for use.

Handle: The ultralight construction comes from the polished Maple Wood handles with fine grain and clean, elegant look. The handle is tapered toward the end for comfort and security in the grip. Maple wood is used in everything from flooring to tool handles thanks to a moderate hardness and straight grain. A hole is provided at the pommel end for lanyard attachment.

Carries in a black leather pocket slip pouch.

D2 Tool Steel: D2 is a cold work tool steel that has been used as a die cutting steel since WW II. D2 has a high chromium content for a tool steel (10-13%) which gives it greater corrosion resistance than most high carbon steels making it semi-stainless. D2 offers a good combination of toughness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance for a good all around knife steel.


Overall Length 5.50"
Blade Length 2.16"
Sharpened Length 2.03"
Blade Thickness 0.08"
Blade Material D2
Blade Type Carbon
Closed Length 4.00"
Handle Thickness 0.37"
Handle Material Wood
Sheath Leather
Weight 0.80 oz.
Country of Manufacture Japan