Olight Warrior Mini Copper "Eternal" Limited Tactical Rechargeable 1500 Lumen Flashlight

Manufacturer: Olight
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The Olight Warrior Mini is a compact version of the Warrior Pro a cornerstone of the M Series Tactical/Military line. This compact, slim head rechargeable flashlight can be easily carried on your belt or in your pocket. Powered by a 3500mAh 3.6V 18650 Li-Ion battery for long runtimes and cost savings over standard consumable battery types with an easy magnetic USB recharging system. The light features a side switch for easy operation and a tail cap button that provides quick access to either Turbo or Strobe modes. This is a powerful yet easy to carry model that is just at home in non-military scenarios. This Limited Edition "Eternal" version comes with a raw, uncoated, solid copper body and blue PVD coated bezels.

Body: Non-slip knurled texture body with hands-free magnetic tail cap that can attach to most ferrous objects. O-ring seals provide protection against water submersion with an IPX8 rating. The smooth reflector offers a standard hotspot diameter with impressive distance for a balanced central and flood beam. A removable stainless steel pocket clip can be reversed for lens up or down carry. Includes a lanyard, MCC3 magnetic charging cable and 3500mAh 3.6V 18650 rechargeable lithium battery.

Charging: Newly designed MCC3 Magnetic USB Charging Cable can support 2A current, increasing charge rate 100%. Battery level indicator under side switch shows: Green >60% - Orange 10~60% - Red 5~10% - Blinks Red <5%

Side Switch Operation: 

  • ON/OFF:
    • Single click for on/off. Will return to previously memorized mode.
    • When on, press and hold to cycle through Low, Med2, Med1 and High modes. Release to select.
    • When off, press and hold for +1 second to activate Moonlight. If memorized click switch for access.
  • TURBO:
    • Fast double-click for Turbo, double-click again to return. If memory mode is High or Med1, output is Med1. If memory is Med2, Low or Moonlight, output is memory mode.
    • Triple click for strobe and click or press and hold to quit.
    • From off, press and hold ~2 seconds for lockout mode. Light will enter Moonlight and then switch off to indicate. Press and hold for +1 second, until Moonlight returns, to unlock.

Tail Switch Operation: Different outputs are accessed with soft or hard press in two different program configurations.

  • Configuration 1 (Factory Default):
    • Half press for Med1, hard press for Turbo. Single, quick press & release for On/Off. Press and hold for momentary.
  • Configuration 2:
    • Half press for Turbo, hard press for Strobe, release switch for off.
  • Switch Configurations:
    • Hard press and hold tail switch while single pressing side switch. Releasing tail switch selects configuration.

Output Lumens and Runtimes

  • 1500/500/170 - 4+205+55 mins
  • 500/170 - 218+50 mins
  • 120 - 18 Hrs
  • 15 - 150 Hrs
  • 1 - 45 Days


Bulb Type High Performance LED - Cool White
Max Output 1500 lumens
High Output 500 lumens
Medium Output 120 lumens
Low Output 15 lumens
Max Runtime 1080 hours
Min Runtime 4.4 hours
Beam Distance 623 feet
Impact Resistance 1.5 meters
Waterproof 1 meters
Body Material Copper
Overall Length 4.19"
Bezel Diameter 23.0 mm
Body Diameter 23.0 mm
Weight 3.70 oz.
Country of Manufacture China