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Picreator Renaissance Wax Polish

Manufacturer: Accessories

Model: AC-PCRW1

Retail: $26.00


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The Picreator Renaissance Wax Polish has been the #1 choice of museums for the preservation of precious items for over 40 years. Renaissance wax was formulated in British Museum laboratories in the 1950's in response to natural waxes such as beeswax and carnauba that contained acids which, in time, could spoil original finishes of national historic treasures. This new blend combines nature's best with modern technology to revive and protect virtually any surface. From leather to marble, furniture to precious metals, this wax dries hard instantly to resist liquids and finger marks. Renaissance Wax just might be your edged tool's new best friend. Properly applied, a little will go a long way. 65 ml canister.


Weight 2.25 oz.