Sentry Solutions Marine Tuf-Glide 1/2 oz. Needle Applicator Bottle

Model #: SY-1022
Brand: Sentry Solutions
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Sentry Solutions Marine Tuf-Glide micro-bonding dry lubricant and protectant is a quick drying liquid companion for Tuf-cloths. Based on the original Tuf-Glide, Marine Tuf-Glide provides extreme, long-lasting protection for highly corrosive environments such as saltwater or areas of high humidity. The dry lubricant that does not attract dirt, dust, or debris and bonds to metal to provide superior rust prevention and helping clean, protect and lubricate. The strong metal needle tip application is perfect for hard to reach places and precision application.


Brand Sentry Solutions
Weight 0.50 oz.
Condition New
Country of Origin United States