Spyderco Bench Stone Sharpener Medium 2" x 8" 302M

Model: SP-302M
Manufacturer: Spyderco
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Spyderco bench stones are perfectly flat and are wide enough for effective honing of large knives, chisels, and wood working tools. This medium grit model comes in a blue rigid polymer storage case with rubber feet for table top use. These stones like other Spyderco ceramic stones should be used dry without lubricants or oils. Over time the stones will become clogged with metal particles and effectiveness will be reduced. To clean, just scrub metal particles from stones with plastic scouring pad and abrasive powdered cleanser. Brand new directly from Spyderco, Inc.


Overall Length 8.00"
Width 2.00"
Thickness 1.00"
Grit Medium
Grit Type Ceramic
Weight 21.0 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States