Spyderco Gauntlet Premium Dual Rod Sharpening System 603FCBN

Model: SP-603FCBN
Manufacturer: Spyderco
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The Spyderco Gauntlet is the newest sharpening system from Spyderco who started out making things sharp before they started making sharp things. The Gauntlet Premium comes equipped with two sets of abrasive rods; fine ceramic and coarse CBN rods, with an oval profile that fit into the star shaped holes of the high-impact, injection-molded base at a perfect 40-degree (20-degrees per side) angle for a perfect edge every time. The rods can be rotated in the star holes to expose fresh abrasive surface or for use on serrated edges. The base has a molded hand guard that allows for a solid grip and optimal protection and is also what gives the Gauntlet its name.

For edges that are in need of a more aggressive abrasive try the coarse CBN or Cubic Boron Nitride rods. For regular maintenance touch-ups and that razor like edge go with the fine ceramic.

Brand new, directly from Spyderco.


Overall Length 11.25"
Width 6.25"
Thickness 3.50"
Grit 400/1800
Grit Type Cubic Boron Nitride
Weight 29.8 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States