Spyderco Salt 2 Black Serrated H1 Black FRN Back Lock Folder C88SBBK2

Model: SP-C88SBBK2
Manufacturer: Spyderco
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The anti-corrosive performance of the Salt line from Spyderco is getting an upgrade with the addition of the world class ergonomics of the Delica 4 handle design. The Salt 2 Black's liner-less construction keeps the weight right at 2 oz. and the Salt 2 also gains the Delica's 4-position, hourglass pocket clip! This version features black Titanium Carbonitride coating on the blade and lock bar along with black hardware all of which reduce the knife's reflective signature to almost nothing. This makes the Salt 2 Black an excellent option for specialized applications where discretion is required. 

The Blade:  The Sheepfoot blade is an excellent option for rescue work and working around inflatable craft as there is no point. The black Titanium Carbonitride coating reduces reflectivity and adds an additional layer of protection against wear and corrosion. The blade has a hollow grind with full SpyderEdge serrations that gives the Salt 2 optimal performance cutting rope, line, and fibrous materials. The blade opens easily via the SpyderHole left or right handed. The blade is made from the practically rust-proof H1 steel which retains its toughness even at 65 HRC! See more on H1 below.

The Handle: The handles of the Salt 2 share the same highly ergonomic design as those of the Delica 4 as well as the grippy and secure Bi-Directional Texturing and tough, lightweight FRN material. The handles are classic black for discreet carry. The knife carries via a black 4-position titanium hourglass clip that is secured to the knife via Torx screws and threaded inserts.

H1 is a low-carbon, high-nitrogen, work hardening steel that is, for all practical purposes, impervious to rust. It has an attainable Rockwell hardness in the high 60s while still retaining its resilience. For extremely corrosive environments, like salt water, this is the material of choice.

salt 2 delica 4 C88SBBK2


Overall Length 7.25"
Blade Length 3.00"
Sharpened Length 2.65"
Blade Thickness .089"
Blade Material H1
Blade Type Stainless
Opening Mechanism Manual
Lock Lock Back
Closed Length 4.25"
Handle Material Polymer
Clip Material Titanium
Clip Position Tip-Up, Tip-Down
Weight 2.1 oz.
Condition New
Country of Manufacture Japan