Tactile Turn Short Slim Side Click Pen Titanium TiMascus Clip

Model #: TT-10-SS2-TTM-DAM
Brand: Tactile Turn
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This Tactile Turn Slim Side Click Pen is a short 5.3" length, constructed of precision-machined and polished titanium with accenting tumbled titanium clicky mechanism and TiMascus pocket clip. Includes a black ink Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 medium cartridge.

  • Design: As the middle child of the Tactile Turn lineup, this pen is perfectly mid-sized for daily carry.
  • Body: Precision-machined and polished titanium with intricate micro-texturing.
  • Action: Two-piece clicky with side button release makes this pen fun and easy to operate.
  • Carry: Milled TiMascus pocket clip for secure carry and convenient access.

The Tactile Turn Short Slim Side Click Pen

The Tactile Turn Short Slim Side Click Pen is a compact 5.3" length, perfectly balancing between the smaller and larger models in the Tactile Turn lineup. This pen sports a sleek, slimmer profile that many users have requested, coupled with an all-metal build and a durable two-piece click mechanism. Its signature milled texture offers a secure grip and precise control, while the click mechanism delivers a pleasing, fidget-friendly action, making it a stylish and dependable choice for your daily writing needs.


Brand Tactile Turn
Mechanism Side Click
Refill Schmidt EasyFlow 9000
Body Material Titanium
Length 5.30“
Body Diameter 0.37“
Clip Material Timascus/Mokuti
Weight 0.82 oz.
Condition New
Country of Origin United States