TEC Accessories 360 Isotope Keychain Fob Kit

Model #: TA-S360
Brand: TEC Accessories
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The TEC Accessories 360 Isotope Fob kit provides everything you need to make a continuously glowing keychain fob, minus the tritium. The fob itself is a sturdy bead-blasted stainless steel housing built to protect glass vials. The fob is designed to fit a standard 3mm x 23mm self-luminous tritium vial snugly. Once the tritium is installed, simply insert the rubber plug and attach the split ring for years of glowing without needing a charge from sunlight. The alternating viewing slots have been rotated 90 degrees to increase the view of the tritium vial throughout a 360 degree rotation around the housing. Hence the model number "360". DIY Isotope Kit includes 3 rubber plugs (1 required plus 2 spares), stainless steel Fob and a 7/16" diameter split ring for attachment.

***NOTE: The Isotope Does NOT Include A Colored Tritium Vial***