Tidioute Cutlery #35 Beer and Sausage Bar Tool Jack Knife Autumn Leaf Jigged Bone

Model: GEC-352320-ALJB
Manufacturer: Great Eastern Cutlery
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The Tidioute #35 Beer and Sausage Bar Tool from Great Eastern Cutlery is a utilitarian Jack knife pattern modified from the classic two-blade design to be more functional for the bar dwelling amongst us. Outfitted with a large, primary spear point blade this #35 is also equipped with a fork and cap lifter combo and specialized BRRT (Beard Refuse Removal Tool) a.k.a. comb. This version comes with Autumn Leaf Jigged Bone covers.

Brand new, direct from Great Eastern Cutlery, USA.

**One knife per household. Additional orders will be canceled. Online only. Thank you**

Blades: This GEC offers everyday utility, with a functional 2.75 inch spear point blade made from flat ground 1095 carbon steel. Finished with a functional and stylish machine satin finish the blade opens smooth with no half stop. A top swedge tapers the point to a fine tip while adding visual appeal. Opposite the spear blade are the other 'blades' consisting of the combination sausage fork and cap lifter and Beard Refuse Removal Tool (comb).

Handle: Autumn Leaf Jigged Bone scales provide traction and a warm, classic feel in the hand. Pinned to brass liners the scales are framed by dual brushed and grooved nickel silver bolsters with the front cover sporting the "Beer and Sausage" shield.

Each comes shipped in wax paper with travel tube featuring company information on the front.

1095 Carbon Steel: Highly popular, simple carbon steel. Used extensively by both production and custom knife makers. Low abrasive wear due to low carbide content but very tough and easy to sharpen. Not corrosion resistant and will rust without proper care.


Overall Length 6.41"
Blade Length 2.69"
Sharpened Length 2.38"
Blade Thickness 0.08"
Blade Material 1095
Blade Type Carbon
Handle Thickness 0.56"
Handle Material Bone
Bolster(s) Nickel Silver
Liner(s) Brass
Weight 3.40 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States