Ti Survival Titanium Glow Lantern Lanyard Fob Polished Blue Smoke Finish

Model: TS-055
Manufacturer: Ti Survival
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Ti Survival Titanium Glow Lantern can be used to find things in the dark. Attach them to knife lanyards, keys, flashlights or zipper pulls for easy low-light location. These are made with commercial grade glow powder and can be charged with any external light source such as a flashlight or sunlight. Once charged they remain visible to the human eye in complete darkness for more than 24 hours however the initial intensity gradually decreases. This version has Estaban's "Blue Smoke" multi-color anodized finish over a polished titanium body.


Overall Length 1.18"
Width 0.38"
Material Titanium
Weight 0.20 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States